Keeping It Real – the truth with no spin

We’re bombarded with “reality”. We see “real” photographs, watch programmes about “real” things that happen to “real” people, we see “real” posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of people are living their best lives.

We buy into this “reality”.  Truth is “reality” programmes  are scripted, “real” photographs are photoshopped and “real” stories on social media are very often far from reality.

So when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle  we want to follow what we see as “reality” and get very frustrated when it doesn’t work for us.

Keeping it real – the truth with no spin

  • Fads aren’t sustainable.
  • Buying products promising quick solutions keeps you trapped in a vicious circle of yo-yo dieting.
  • Treat the cause of the problem not the symptom.
  • Many of the articles we read quoting scientific findings of studies conducted about food / eating / health are often accompanied by the 3 letter word MAY which means that the finding is not a proven fact.
  • We don’t read the small print, which says products work if used in conjunction with a healthy eating plan.
  • Exercising more and not changing your bad eating habits will not bring results.
  • One solution does not fit everyone – if one eating / exercise plan doesn’t suit you try another.
  • Healthy does not mean slimming.
  • There are no quick fixes – no magic pills, milkshakes, juices, teas, foods that will solve your weight problems.
  • You need to select a lifestyle that is sustainable and follow an eating plan that fits in with your lifestyle.
  • You will have to learn new habits.
  • You will have ups and downs.
  • It will not be easy.
  • You will need to persevere, be committed and consistent.
  • In the end it’s up to you.

You can find support and advice but the first thing you have to do is commit to keeping it real. That is when you will find long term success.






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  1. Excellent advice, Sandy & all so true!


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