Low Fat Food For Your Mind Body and Soul

The book is practical, user-friendly and ideal for anyone wanting to lose weight or shift to a healthier lifestyle.

Mind Munch-ease

The 51-pack of cards takes each thought, emotion, habit or environmental cue we use as an excuse and quite literally, turns it around!

Soul Snacks

A pack of 44 inspiring cards to nourish your soul, keep you motivated and help you achieve your goals. They’re the perfect weight-loss tool: deliciously encouraging, calorie-free and you can have as many of them as you like!


Pick a meal, any meal! Your days of worrying about what to eat, what to cook, and what to buy are over!
These pocket-sized meal cards have the ingredients on the one side, and the recipes on the other for fast, painless and delicious meal planning.

Wellness Kit

Fun, functional and enlightening, the exclusive Unique Lifestyle Weight Loss Kit was designed to complement any healthy eating programme. Using the principles of holistic weight loss, each item in the kit works to stimulate and empower mind, body and soul.

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