Michele Kruger’s Story:

I am 28 years old. I started putting on weight 10 years ago after returning from a backpacking trip to Europe. When I returned home I started studying and then started working full time. I had no time to myself. I became lazy and 5 out of 7 days a week I would buy take-away meals for lunch and supper.

Before I lost weight I often felt tired, lonely and unhappy. I always made an excuse not to go to the beach because I was too embarrassed to get into my costume. I could no longer do the things I enjoyed like hiking, swimming and playing tennis and I really hated shopping because nothing I tried on ever seemed to fit.

In 2004 my finance and I set our wedding date for March 2006. I decided to lose weight – I wanted to look beautiful for myself and for my husband. I heard about Sandy through a family friend and made an appointment to see her. When I started at Unique Lifestyle I weighed 88.9 kgs.

To achieve my goals I kept to the eating plan which I received each week, took one day at a time and started walking more. I also decided to view any weight loss (regardless of how small) as an achievement. It took approximately 2 months for me to really see and feel a big difference.

I didn’t find it difficult because I learnt about which foods were healthier and making the right choices was what worked for me. The biggest challenge was not eating chocolates because I love chocolates.

Michael, my husband was so supportive and motivating. To help me, he also followed Sandy’s healthy eating plan. He kept on complimenting me and telling me how proud he was of me – that meant the world to me.
I found the weekly weigh in so exciting. Sandy was also always supportive and when I did well, she was so happy for me – it made me feel very proud of myself. Throughout the time I was losing weight I received wonderful feedback from people on how I look.

Seven months later in time for my wedding I had lost 21.2 kgs. My wedding day was the happiest, most special and magical day of my life. I felt so beautiful in my wedding dress and I will never forget the look on Michael’s face as I walked up to the aisle to him – pure joy and love. I felt like a princess.

How has losing weight impacted on my life? Where do I start? I am much more confident, I love to buy clothes (they fit now) and I am much more active. I still receive compliments from friends, family and work colleagues and so many people have asked me how I did it. Losing weight has changed my life forever – it has made me a better person. I learnt that anyone, no matter what size they are, is capable of losing weight. Losing weight taught me that when you feel better about yourself, you love life so much more. I am happy now – content with who I am inside and out!

I would still like to lose a little more weight and I want to start working on toning my body. I can’t ever see myself reverting to my old ways… never, never, never!

Three tips that worked for me are:
• Never give up, if you lose track one day, just continue the next day.
• Enjoy the experience – it is life changing
• Believe in yourself

On 28 May 2006 – I went shopping on Saturday & bought my first pair of Levi jeans – I haven’t owned jeans in 10yrs and they fitted so well!

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