Wellness Kit

All members / clients of Unique Lifestyle receive a Welcome to Wellness Kit as part of the healthy eating programme. However, the kits work just as well in conjunction with any other healthy eating plan, and can even be used by dieticians, nutritional counsellors / coaches, or lifestyle coaches.

The Welcome to Wellness Kit is beautifully packaged in an attractive suitcase. Fun, functional and enlightening, the exclusive Unique Lifestyle Weight Loss Kit was designed to complement any healthy eating programme. Using the principles of holistic weight loss, each item in the kit works to stimulate and empower mind, body and soul.

The book “Low Fat Food for your Mind, Body and Soul” by Sandy Goldberg A Unique Lifestyle journal

Soul Snacks – a pack of 44 glossy cards containing inspirational and motivational quotation

Deal-a-Meal pack – 42 glossy cards containing delicious, quick and easy -to – prepare low -fat dinner recipes.

Mind Munch-ease – 49 glossy cards to help with self- sabotage and negative self-
talk. Excuses on side and positive “self-talk” on the flip side. An innovative, practical and
empowering way to turn all those excuses into changed behavior and weight-loss success.

All the items in the Wellness Kit can also be purchased separately