Change your mind. Change your shape.

Anyone who’s ever been overweight knows what to do to lose it: eat less of the bad stuff and more of the good, get exercising and drink that water! Easy, right?

So why aren’t we losing the weight?

It’s simple: the majority of weight loss programmes tell you how to alter your eating, without telling you how to alter your mind.

That’s where Unique Lifestyle is different.

With a focus as much on mind and soul as weight and body shape, Unique Lifestyle offers an integrated approach to wellness. It’s not about diets and deprivation, but rather about changing old patterns and behaviours, shifting preconceived ideas about food, and creating a life of balance. Thus, success is not just about losing the weight, it’s about changing the way we think.

Headed up by lifestyle consultant, facilitator, author, speaker and long-time wellness devotee, Sandy Goldberg, Unique Lifestyle offers a personalised, inspiring and refreshingly different solution to weight and wellness issues.

With specially-designed products and services for both individual clients and corporates, we’ve got wellness covered.

Individual clients:

  • Weight loss
  • Face to face, Skype or On-line consultations
  • Inspiring products
  • Delicious and quick low-fat recipes workshop
  • Motivational breakfast talks
  • Gift vouchers


  • Customised corporate wellness programmes
  • Wellness days
  • Corporate wellness gifts (for staff or clients)
  • In-house motivational talks
  • Workshops
  • Motivational speaker for a conference or seminar
  • Gift vouchers

For more information contact Sandy Goldberg.